Chris McDonald, chief executive of the Materials Processing Institute (MPI) is to outline the challenges and opportunities of Brexit in a public lecture entitled ‘The effect of Brexit on Innovation.’

The lecture will take place on Tuesday 1 November in Teesside University’s Centuria building at 6pm.

McDonald, who is also Innovation Lead on the UK Metals Council, comments in a report conducted by the MPI, “In leaving the European Union, the United Kingdom will face many challenges but it also opens up opportunities as we move to an international trade-based economy.

“To broaden the horizons of UK trade, we need, in the first instance, to bridge the gaps left in our industrial strategy by departure from the EU. We then need to redouble our efforts to prioritise innovation, putting the UK at the vanguard of manufacturing ingenuity.”

The report sets out the opportunities for growth within the UK industry and highlights the need for a new industrial strategy, with innovation at its core. It also stressed the importance of long-term planning and drew attention to the benefits of the establishment of a Catapult for the Foundation Industries.

Chris concluded: “The Institute has been working closely with government in recent years to further industry’s request for a Catapult for the Foundation Industries. The Institute will renew its approach with incoming ministers and continue to campaign in the interests of UK industry.”

Teesside-based MPI is a not-for-profit company working with industrial innovators to conduct research to enhance materials and industrial processes. It also continues to make specialist steel at its facility on Teesside.