OJSC Magnitogorsk’s (MMK) Mill 2000 set an all-time record for annual output of hot-rolled steel in 2015.

Last year’s record-breaking 5.935Mt was up 50kt on the previous record set by the Russian steelmaker in 2014.

In January 2015, the same mill set a monthly output record when it produced 526kt of metal.

MMK claims that its Mill 2000 is one of the most impressive and state-of-art facilities in Russia. Its equipment makes it possible to produce a full range of steel grades. Sheet width varies from 760mm to 1,830mm and the mill produces the broadest range of products of any MMK plant and includes around 1,000 items.

Mill 2000 produces steel for various industries including pipes, construction and machinery manufacturing. Shipbuilding, structural and transformer steel are also rolled at the plant, and it produces rolled products for automotive sheet production.

Last June, Mill 2000 produced its 100 millionth tonne of steel since it was commissioned in 1994.