Since the launch of "Steel Route - a tour of MMK" in October 2018, over 10,000 people have visited the production site at Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK).

The Russian steelmaker had been open to guests long before the launch of the programme, said MMK. The production site of one of the country's largest steel producers had regularly been visited by colleagues and partners, consumers of its products, suppliers of equipment and raw materials and representatives of other steel companies. Young residents of Magnitogorsk have also been able to see first-hand the legend of Russian metallurgy, as part of career guidance work, and special attention has been given to children's tours of the plant.

'Steel Route' has improved access for guests of the plant. "Today everyone can experience an exciting tour along any of the four specially designed excursion routes, both adults and children," MMK explained. During the tours "Taming the Fire", "Steel Evolution", "Dad at Work", "On a Visit to the Metallurgists", guests can assess the scale of production, learn about the features of metallurgical production, the history of MMK, its achievements and development prospects. Visitors can visit MMK's museum, the largest blast furnace shop in Russia, and the Mill 5000 complex, believed to be one of the most powerful mills in the world.

Keeping safety at the top of the agenda, young visitors must put on safety helmets before getting on the bus. Before the start of the tour, all guests are given an introductory talk with safety instructions. According to MMK, all the guests note the clarity of the video and the abundance of information in it, and it is claimed that colleagues from other metallurgical companies use it as an example to create their own videos. "The safety video is a creative idea with conceptual content and production", and is the result of collaboration between MMK and the Magnitogorsk television company TV-IN.

In October last year, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works won the 5th National Tourism 'Route of the year' Award. The company received two certificates: first place for the best children's tour and second place for the best tour of an active production site. MMK plans to further develop its industrial tourism with the opening of a new tour, as well as plans to develop a virtual tour of the factory.