Russian steelmaker MMK’s Trading House continues to increase shipments of high-tensile steel used in the production of TUCANO combine harvesters at the CLAAS factory in Krasnodar Territory, Russia. In fact, 70% of the components now used in these machines are made from Russian steel, claims MMK.

The steelmaker’s Trading House division offers a logistics scheme, which makes it possible to further optimise the minimal level of warehouse stocks.

“Another undeniable advantage is that co-operation with a Russian supplier is currently economically advantageous,” claims MMK. “As a result of this co-operation with MMK, CLAAS was able to reduce its expenses on steel by 15%.”

CLAAS claims that MMK is a ‘key partner’ and wants to reduce its reliance upon steel imports at its Russian factory, according to Ralf Bendisch, general director of the Krasnador factory.

MMK signed a contract in August 2015 to supply CLAAS with cold-rolled steel sheet “of particularly high flatness and high rolling capacity.”