Russian steelmaker Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) has entered into a general partnership, through its MMK-Informservice business, with UiPath, a software business primarily concerned, on a global level, with the development of software platforms for robotic process automation (RPA).

According to MMK, entering into a partnership with UiPath will improve the efficiency of the steelmaker's large-scale project to automate business processes by reducing the cost of the software used, in addition to allowing the company to adopt best practices in the application of RPA technology used by other UiPath companies (including Deloitte, Oracle and Microsoft).

The RPA Expertise and Innovation Centre was established by MMK Informservice to co-ordinate the implementation of software robotics technology.

Currently, there are dozens of software robots in operation within the MMK Group.

Vadim Feoktistov, director of MMK-Informservice, said that the global experience of automation through RPA technology shows the high efficiency of this tool on the path towards the digital transformation of the business. According to MMK, the process lies at the heart of MMK's Industry 4.0 strategic initiative.