AISTech's 2014 Steelmaker of the Year went to Mark D Millet, president and chief executive officer of Steel Dynamics Inc.

The award was presented to Mr Millet at the AISTech President's Breakfast on 6 May and is an annual award the recognises leading global steel industry figures who have made notable contributions to the industry.

Mr Millet, an Englishman, is in good company as past award winners have included steel luminaires Lakshmi Mittal, John J Ferriola and Ken Iverson.

It was a double whammy for Millet who also picked up the AIST's William T Hogan SJ Lecture Award for his "Making Money in the Steel Industry is Not a Mystery" paper, which he presented shortly after accepting his Steelmaker of the Year title.

"It is both gratifying and humbling to receive such an award when it is at the discretion of one's peers. In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell highlights that success is more often than not born of a discrete, unique opportunity. I have been blessed, since my life has been full of opportunity, from a wonderful family, to wonderful friends and partners, and a fulfilling career," Millet said, in what had been an emotionally charged morning.

Earlier, the AIST Distinguised Member and Fellow Award had gone to Thomas W Goettge, a former (now retired) vice president of the United States Steel Corporation and – posthumously – to Kent D Peaslee, a former AIST president and a faculty member of the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Mo, USA.

Accepting the award on his behalf, Peaslee's wife Mary told attendees that Kent would have been so honoured to receive the award. "He loved his time with AIST and all the people he got to work with. He especially enjoyed his students, and I'm so proud that 28 students from Missouri University of Science and Technology are at AISTech this year," she said, adding, "Kent loved what he did, loved his students, and loved the industry. On behalf of Kent, I thank you so much."

Mr Peaslee died suddenly in May 2013. His two sons were also present at the awards breakfast.