Ukrainian steelmaker Metinvest says that its four mills in Mariupol and Zaporizhzhia are currently in ‘hot conservation mode’ and the company is engaged in 'a major humanitarian mission'.

Vitali Yermak, Metinvest’s press secretary, told the company’s social media contacts that the group’s iron ore mining facilities are operating as normal. He said that safe shelters for company employees and their families have been set up and are being maintained ‘at the group’s facilities’.

“The group is providing assistance to displaced people and building defensive structures to protect cities and towns,” Yermak said.

“Metinvest continues to provide oxygen to hospitals in Ukraine to treat coronavirus patients,” he said, adding that the company was carrying out an extensive humanitarian mission from collecting clothes for people affected by the war to bringing in aid from elsewhere in Europe.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, in co-operation with Metinvest Group and DTEK, and with the support of the Office of the President of Ukraine and local municipalities has sent the first 60 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Ukraine from Romania. “The aid will go primarily to the cities where SCM Group companies are present and where it is most needed,” he said.

According to Yermak, Metinvest has also asked its partners, companies and organisations in Ukraine and aboard to send medicines, foodstuffs and clothes, women’s and children’s hygiene products and electrical appliances to help Ukrainians.

“If you know of any companies, enterprises or other organisations in Ukraine or abroad that are ready to provide humanitarian aid, please let us know about them,” Yermak said.

He signed off thanking people for their support. “See you soon. Slava Ukraini!”.