German steelmaker thyssenkrupp Steel's 5.4Mmt/yr BOF meltshop 2 in Duisburg, is back into operation following enforced downtime when the company relined its blast furnace 1.

Hot metal from the blast furnace is mainly processed into crude steel in BOF meltshop 2, but the downtime incurred did not cause any additional production losses, claims tk.

The focus of the modernization was the replacement of the ladle transport crane inside the workshop, which has a dead weight of 830 metric tons and transports the ladles filled with 265 metric tons of molten steel from the converter to the continuous caster.

The relining of blast furnace 1 forms part of the company's strategy of optimising its entire production network within the scope of its Strategy 20-30. The company claims to be gearing its product portfolio towards future markets and profitable steel grades, including ultra-high strength multi-phase steels, grades with high surface quality and steels for e-mobility.