Russian steelmaker NLMK Group, which claims to be the largest steelmaker in Russia and one of the most efficient in the world, took on the role of strategic partner in the GreenTech Startup Booster (GTSB), Russia's first accelerator for environmental startups.

Sergey Chebotarev, NLMK Group's vice president for energy and environment, participated in the launch of GTSB, which is organised by the Skolkovo Foundation and supported by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment.

GTSB is tasked with finding and implementing innovative solutions in the field of the environment and sustainable development. The project is open to companies that have technologies/products aimed at reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions and boosting the efficiency of water and air treatment facilities and waste recycling. The projects must be in their final stages of development.

GTSB will help businesses, research centres and developers promote innovative ‘green’ technologies and reduce the time-to-market of promising ideas.

The booster is set up to accommodate 500 technology startups, with the top 30 participants making it into the finals. Finalists will be offered the opportunity to further develop their pilot projects at the sites made available by the programme’s industrial partners, including NLMK Group.

NLMK Group is already implementing a number of innovative environmental projects to enhance the monitoring of environmental parameters and reduce the carbon footprint of operations. Participation in the Skolkovo project, claims NLMK Group, will enable the company to significantly expand its pool of green projects and find new and efficient environmental solutions to respond to current air and water protection, by-product recovery, and decarbonisation challenges.

NLMK’s steel production capacity exceeds 17Mt/yr.