Braun Maschinenfabrik GmbH of Austria has received a major order from Shijiazhuang Iron & Steel (SHIGANG) of China. The company, part of the HBIS Group, has ordered six large-scale, high-performance abrasive cut-off machines and associated equipment for a large plant relocation and modernisation project.

The company is moving from its current location in Henan Province to a site 70km outside of its current base in Shijiazhuang due to a lack of space and for environmental protection reasons.

In addition to relocating, the plan is to upgrade the plant using state-of-the-art equipment including new rolling mills for which the Braun abrasive cut-off machinery is a key component. Four TS16F machines will be installed in the new medium bar mill and two TS12FP machines in the new small bar mill.

While core equipment, such as the abrasive cut-off machines, will be supplied from Braun’s Vöcklabruck plant in Austria, peripheral assemblies will be manufactured locally in China.

Plant commissioning and acceptance will be completed by year-end 2016.