Organized by the Latin American Steel Association, Alacero, the 6th Steel Design Contest for Students of Architecture has begun with 517 teams enrolled to participate so far.

The 2013 competition focuses on education and culture as core issues. Students should present a proposal for a Public Multimedia Library, as a space that allows the promotion of knowledge and culture among the community.

The contest is open to all countries members of Alacero. The first phase is carried out at a country level and developed by the local associations and companies. This year nine countries are participating (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela). A local jury selects the best project by country. Then, the winners travel to Lima where, as part of the Alacero-54 Congress, a jury formed by architects representing the participating countries will decide which team deserves the final award.

The First Prize is US$ 10000 (US$ 6000 for the students and US$ 4000 for the University). The Second Prize is US$ 3,000 (US$ 2,000 for the students and US$ 1000 for the University).

In most participatingcountries, enrolment is still open. So, Alacero expects the number of participants to grow. The rules and guidelines for the Alacero´s 6th Steel Design Contest for Students of Architecture as well as more information on the regional contests are available at