Finished steel apparent use in Latin America was 28Mt between January-May 2013, similar to the same period of 2012. Finished steel production reached 23Mt 1% less than January/ May 2012.

In January-June 2013, regional finished steel production reached 28Mt, in line with the same period of 2012. Brazil was the largest producer of finished steel, with 12.9Mt, a 46% share of the region’s total. It was followed by Mexico, with 8Mt (28% share). Colombia and Chile continue to show production drops of 32% and 19% respectively, comparing to same period of 2012.

In June 2013, finished steel production reached 5Mt, 5% more than the same period of 2012. This figure was driven by Brazil, Mexico and Peru, which registered an important production increase during the month.

In January-June 2013, regional crude steel production reached 32.9Mt 1% less than same period of the previous year. Brazil continues to be the largest regional producer, with 17Mt even although its production decreased 2% versus Jan/Jun 2012.

In June 2013, crude steel production reached 5.Mt, 3% more than same month of 2012.

Trade Balance

Between January-May 2013, regional finished steel trade showed a 4.9Mt deficit, in line with the deficit registered during the same period of 2012.

In January to May 2013, all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean – with the exception of Argentina and Brazil- presented trade deficits in the finished steel market. Mexico showed the largest deficit at -1.4Mt. Other countries that showed important deficits were: Colombia (737kt), Peru (668kt) and Chile (625kt).