Privately-owned stainless steel producer Taizhou Daming Stainless Steel Co is to upgrade its existing bar mill with a three-roll reducing and sizing block (RSB) to meet customer requirements for increased product quality and thus strengthen its market position.

Taizhou, which employs 400 people, claims that its products are used across a variety of industries including chemical manufacturing, food processing, shipbuilding and the automotive sector.

Based in the Eastern Chinese Jiangsu Province, the bar mill is being upgraded by the German company, Kocks. The company intends to supply the latest design of RSB and claims it will be implemented as a finishing block within the company’s 200kt/year stainless steel bar mill, behind a 2-high reversing roughing mill and the intermediate and pre-finishing mill, the latter consisting of 10 two-high HV stands.

According to Kocks, ‘the block will roll straight bars in the range of 16.0 and 100.0mm diameter’.

The upgraded mill is expected to start up at the end of 2015.