Kathmandu Steel, a new company in Napal, has introduced new brand of steel bars using Reidbar technology.

According to the company, the bar will be produced using technical know-how of New Zealand´s Reid Technologies and will be exported to South Asian and Middle East countries.

Anand Nepal, executive director of Kathmandu Steel, said the company is the first to introduce Reidbar technology in South East Asia.

Kathmandu Steels, was established with an initial investment of Rs500M (US$5.8M), has factory in Nawalparasi. It can produce 20t of steel bars per hour.

According to the company, Reidbar is different than the existing steel bars available in the market. It is continuously threaded rebar which can be spliced into the coupler to bind bars without any specialised equipment.

Traditionally rebars in construction are tied together with wires and its strength is always questionable. Secondly, this requires a lot of time and there is high waste of material. Reidbar has overcome these shortcomings using innovative technology.

The bar comes in different forms and size, can be cut at any point along its length and simply joined at any point end to end by a coupler. This unique feature enables an entirely new approach to reinforcing placing and fixing, according to the company. The bar also reduces congestion in reinforcing allowing more space for concrete thus making the structure stronger.

According to the company, Reid technology has been tried and tested in developed nations as one of the best earthquake resisting technology. It is widely used in New Zealand, a country which records more than 20000 earthquake jolts annually.

Source: Daily ‘Republica’, Kathmandu; 24 Apr 2013