World crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 132Mt in July 2013, an increase of 2.7% compared to July 2012.

China’s crude steel production was 65.5 Mt, up by 6.2% compared to July 2012. Elsewhere in Asia, Japan produced 9.3Mt of crude steel, an increase of 0.5% over July 2012. South Korea’s crude steel production was 5.6Mt, down by -5.8% on July 2012. India produced an estimated 6.66Mt, up 4.3% on July 2012.

In the EU, Germany produced 3.4Mt in July 2013, a decrease of -5.4% compared to July 2012. France’s crude steel production was 1.3Mt, down -9.0% on July 2012. Spain produced 1.0Mt, -3.4% less compared to July 2012.

Turkey’s output for July 2013 was 2.8 Mt, down -10.1% on July 2012.

Russia produced 5.7Mt, a decrease of -2.4% compared to the same month last year. Ukraine’s production grew in July to 2.8Mt, 8.8% higher than July 2012.

Crude steel output in USA was 7.6Mt (metric) up by 3.3% compared to July 2012.

The crude steel capacity utilisation ratio for the 64 countries in July 2013 declined to 76.8% from 79.2% in June 2013. Compared to July 2012, it is -0.8% lower.

For the seven month of 2013, global output was 921.641Mt up 2.0% on 2012. In this period, China’s output was up 7.1% while output in Europe fell -5.3% as did that in USA.

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