UK based CRU has published its latest long-term view for the iron ore industry which has seen several changes in the past 12 months.

Capex blowouts across regions where major new projects are being progressed have occurred, a focus on cost control strategies by all miners has become more important, and a cautious investor sentiment exists around the market. Furthermore, growth trajectories in key economies, critically China and India, have slowed meaning market participants are having to review their longer-term strategies.

CRU's Iron Ore Long Term Market Outlook will help answer the key questions facing the market, including:

− When will Chinese steel demand peak?

− How will China’s increasing scrap pool affect demand for primary iron ore units?

− How much potential does West Africa have as a new supply hub and what are project costs there?

− Which projects will form part of future supply and which will fall by the wayside?

− How has the caution shown by miners and investors dented potential new supply?

− How much Chinese ore production will remain in the market in the long-term?

− How will lump and pellet premiums evolve over time?

− What is the long-run price and what upside and downside potential surrounds it?

New enhancements for 2013 include:

1. An Appendix focusing on West Africa, entitled West Africa: the next Pilbara?

2. The provision of a long-run floor and ceiling price, to identify the upside and downside potential to the long run forecast and assist in scenario analysis

3. Analysis of new projects in China and Chinese overseas investments, to assess how Chinese steelmakers will meet their raw material needs in the future;

4. An extended representative project cost curve with a breakdown of full economic costs for each project, to benchmark the attractiveness of future operations; and

5. CRU’s financial assessment of project potential based on market expected returns, to help understand which projects have the greatest potential to reach the market

Subscriber to the report receive access to the full service for four online users, two hard copies of the report, CRU’s benchmarking mine project profiles, all data in Excel and, importantly, access to CRU’s analysts for further discussions if required.

2013 Iron Ore Long Term Market Outlook, Price UK £10900

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