Around 140 delegates joined the first Future of Furnaces event on 14 – 15 September. The event, held in association with Furnaces International, a digital magazine published by Quartz Business Media, attracted global speakers who attended discussions on the future of furnaces and the role of Industry 4.0.

A focus on the importance of Industry 4.O was emphasised throughout the event, starting with Rene Meuleman, director of business development, CelSian.

“Data is very important… it is key for the development of industries,” Meuleman told delegates.

Mechatherm’s Mark Allen echoed Mueleman’s remarks in his presentation, which looked at the possibility of furnaces being intelligent enough to improve their own performance.

Watch out for news on the Future Steel Forum, to be held in Prague in June 2022 and don't forget Steel Times International's AI & Steelmaking Summit, 16 November 2021 (a one-day online event).