Formerly known as the Latin American Iron & Steel Institute - ILAFA - the organisation has rebranded itself under the name Asociaión Latinoamericana del Acero (Alacero).

The new brand aims to integrate the value chain of steel and reflects the attributions of innovation and sustainability distinctive for this industry.

The new name, anglicised to ‘Latin American Association of Steel’ was launched during the inauguration of the 52th annual Congress which brings together its members. The renewed identity is put into practice immediately.

By changing the brand, the association is consolidated as an entity which represents the value chain of steel in Latin America. According to its President, Daniel Novegil, the launch of the new trademark “will contribute to strengthening the relations and promoting integration between the different links which make up this chain.” Alacero represents 51 active companies from all over Latin America, which as a whole produce 70Mt/y.

Likewise the new brand seeks to reflect the values and attributions of the sector – such as constant innovation, the excellence of its human resources, the care for the environment and its contribution to sustainable development –adapting those to contemporary challenges. In this sense, Novegil added, that the rise Alacero “offers the opportunity to communicate the strengths of the industry in a clear and unified manner”.

At the same time, the rebranding is aligned with the process of image repositioning the steel industry, and also emphasizes a wider presence in the media and enhances interaction and communication between its associated members.