South Korean steelmaker Hyundai Steel Company and German steel production technology specialist SMS group have commissioned the steelmaker's revamped continuous casting machine at the company's plant in Pohang, South Korea.

According to SMS group, start-up was achieved after a revamp time of 1.5 months. "The combi-caster went into operation smoothly and to the full satisfaction of Hyundai," the company said, adding that a Final Acceptance Certificate was granted.

The revamped six-strand caster has a casting radius of 10 metres and produces roughly 1Mt/yr of steel grades ranging from carbon to automotive steel cast in different bloom and beam blank sections.

"The major aspects of the modernisation were the introduction of a new section size of 250 x 350mm and an increased level of automation for quality monitoring," said SMS group, adding that the revamp of the machine head included stopper control, new oscillation mechanisms, a new mold powder feeder and electromagnetic stirrers. Straightener units, deburrers and electrical equipment including a level-2 process management system were renewed.

Sang-Hoon Lee, Hyundai's project responsible and mechanical team manager, commented: "The co-operation with SMS Concast has been very fruitful and enabled us to restart production on time with an upgraded continuous casting machine adapted exactly to our high quality standards."