In Vietnam, the Hoa Phat Group has chosen Danieli as its technology supplier to complete the Quang Ngai Steel Complex Phase 1 Project located at the Dung Quat Economic Zone, in Quang Ngai province.

Italian steel technology supplier Danieli is to supply the Vietnam-based Hoa Phat Group with three continuous casters and two rolling mills to produce construction-grade steel at the company’s Quang Ngai Steel Complex in the Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai province.

According to Danieli, the three six-strand ‘conticasters’, which will produce billets ranging in size from 130mm to 165mm, will be equipped with a Fast Cast Cube mould and Hy-Power oscillation drive system that, claims Danieli, will guarantee the best performances and the lowest operational costs.

“The rolling mills are characterised by a high production capacity even when producing small diameters of bars and wire rod,” Danieli said, adding that the plant’s rolling mill 1 will produce deformed bars from 10mm to 25mm, with small sizes on a two-strand rolling mill using the HTC High-Speed Twin Channel system, and wire rod from 5.5mm to 16mm at speeds of 105 metres/second.

The plant’s Rolling Mill 2 will produce deformed bars from 10mm to 40mm at 44 metres/second, with small sizes on a 2-strand rolling mill through the HTC High-speed Twin Channel system, reaching a production capacity of 235 tonne/hr.

Both systems will be directly connected to the aforementioned ‘conticasters’ in order to operate in hot charging mode.

High-speed bar mill 2 is fitted with 16 ‘housingless’ stands plus two 4-pass high-speed twist-free finishing blocks and a QTB process for high-tensile deformed bars.

Rolling Mill 1 will have the same characteristics as Rolling Mill 2, with the addition of a six-pass fast-finishing modular block; a QTR process for high-tensile deformed wire rod; a loop-laying head with a controlled-cooling conveyor for wire rod production; a collecting pit, and a vertical trestle transporting system for wire rod coils weighing up to three tons.

The complete electrical and automation systems featuring user-friendly interfaces will be supplied by Danieli Automation along with Q-HEAT on-line induction heating to enable ‘efficient, uniform and flexibile temperature control of the billets’.

The plant will start up within the next 26 months, says Danieli, and once completed, bringing the number of rolling plants supplied to Quang Ngai by Danieli to six since the start of the new millennium.