Damage caused by heavy artillery has cut electricity transmission lines to the Ukrainian cities of Yenakiieve and Khartsyzsk, leading to the complete shutdown of production at Yenakiieve Steel, Enakievskiy Koksohimprom and Khartsyzsk Pipe. Avdiivka Coke is also cut off from electricity.

Parent company Metinvest claims it is impossible to carry out repair work on the damaged transmission lines due to ongoing military activity, but claims that it is doing 'everything possible to create a 'green corridor' for repair teams'.

Yenakiieve Steel is a major producer of square billet. Khartsyzsk Pipe is a leading European pipe manufacturer and Avdiivka Coke is billed as one of Europe's largest high-tech coking enterprises.

According to Metinvest, "the shutdown of these large metallurgical enterprises and the major employers in these cities affects the entire Ukrainian economy and 15,000 employees and their families. In addition to the social and economic consequences, the residents of Southeastern Ukraine are now at risk of man-made disasters."

At the end of last week, Avdiivka Coke was fully cut off from electricity supply and production at Yenakiieve Steel was suspended. On 16 August armed representatives of the Donetsk People’s Republic hijacked Yenakiieve Steel's newest shunting diesel locomotive.