The Chinese HBIS Group has delivered over 100kt of high quality, high rise building steel, bars and wires for the construction of the Beijing-Xiongan Intercity railway.

The company claims it is one of the world’s largest steelmakers and China’s largest supplier of home appliance steel. It is China’s second largest supplier of automotive steels and a leading manufacturer of steel for marine engineering, bridges and construction.

The steel supplied by HBIS was used to construct railway stations and power cable frames for what is being described as an intelligent high-speed railway system with world class capabilities.

In size terms, HBIS Group says that Xiongan High Speed Railway Station is the equivalent of five Beijing Railway Stations or 96 standard-sized football fields and that the company’s high-end structural steel has been used to build core sections of the station.

According to HBIS, Thermo-Mechanical Control Process (TMCP) techniques were employed to make its 80mm Q345GJC-Z35 steel plates for the station. “This material owns extremely high lamellar tearing resistant capabilities through thickness characteristics and high purity characters,” HBIS explained, adding that TMCP technologies follow strict precision codes.

The company claims that its technicians monitor rolling processes closely to insure the capabilities and quality of the plates, and that all piles made of HBIS plates meet the technical requirements for hammering into the ground.

Steel wire from HBIS with high-strength, high-ductibility and high-welding capabilities was used to build supporting frames, and the company relied upon integrated assembly technology techniques for railway bridge construction.

HBIS employs around 127,000 people including 13,000 overseas.