Harsco Metals Group Ltd has signed a global licensing agreement with Management Science Associates, Inc (MSA) to use their Blending Optimisation Software Suite (BOSS) software as part of Harsco Metals’ specialised scrap management solutions.

Harsco Metals already provides scrap management solutions to steel producers around the world, supported by its proprietary ScrapMaster system for scrap inventory management and quality control.

The BOSS module assists steelmakers in optimising the scrap mix in the meltshop by determining the least-cost combination of raw materials needed to produce a given heat, lineup, or production schedule, taking into account all of the various operating and quality constraints.

MSA will retain its right to market BOSS in the USA and several proximate territories. Harsco Metals will have exclusive rights to use the BOSS system in the rest of the world.

Harsco Metals operates at 160 sites in more than 30 countries, provides engineered solutions in the field of logistics, resource recovery and product quality.

MSA's Metals and Advanced Manufacturing Division specialises in developing systems for process control and automation, decision support, business intelligence and supply chain management for manufacturers.