Foshan Chengde New Material Co. has awarded CMI a final acceptance for the pickling process section of its new 500kt/yr cold annealing and pickling line (CAPL) that has been erected at the customer’s site at the Tieshan Port (Seaside) Industrial Park.

The new CAPL is processing austenitic stainless steel grades, such as 200 and 300 series Austenilic Ni-Cr stainless steel, all of which meets not only the domestic (GB), but also international industry specifications (ASTM, TIS, DIN, etc.). The line processes strip gauges between 0.3mm and 3.0mm, at a maximum process speed of 200 m/min in the pickling section, making it the world's fastest line of this type.

Based in Guangdong Province, China, Foshan Chengde is a global technological process enterprise producing a large variety of stainless steel strips and pipes.

The state-of-the-art chemical treatment equipment that has been provided by CMI Industry Metals, is one of the centerpieces of Foshan's new CAPL. Foshan's chief aim is to achieve the highest-quality end products and improve its competitive position, both in the domestic market and overseas.

The main reasons behind Foshan's decision to choose CMI were the company’s extensive experience in the chemical treatment of stainless steel strip and the high process security of the plant concept, which incorporates a fully automated pickling liquor analysis and acid dosing system to guarantee consistent pickling quality and cut acid consumption.

CMI supplied Foshan with the complete pickling section located downstream of the annealing furnace. Major treatment steps of the pickling section are: Electrolytic pickling with neutral electrolyte solution; double brush section; chemical high turbulence pickling with mixed acid; rinse section combining spray rinse and brush section; and stain-free drying including an edge blow device.