The European Parliament’s International Trade Committee (INTA) is expected to vote today on a report by Rapporteur Salvatore Cicu MEP on the new anti-dumping methodology.

The European Steel Association (EUROFER) has called on MEPs to support the report, claiming that it aims to ensure that the anti-dumping measures under the new ‘non-standard’ methodology remain effective.

“The Commission proposal was based on the concept of ‘significant distortions’. However, the scope was incomplete and the procedure unclear. It is crucial to ensure legal certainty and provide clear processes, avoiding additional burdens on EU industry injured by dumping”, said Axel Eggert, director general of EUROFER.

The draft INTA report better defines what ‘significant distortions’ actually are. Moreover, the report strengthens and solidifies the process for the deployment of this new, ‘non-standard’, anti-dumping methodology, which allows the Commission to use external, undistorted prices and costs for every factor of production.

“EUROFER supports the approach taken by MEPs. Dumping from third countries has undermined the European steel industry, causing massive job losses over the past few years. As proposed by the European Parliament, this new methodology will go a long way to ensuring that the impact of significant distortions in third countries are sufficiently accounted for when imposing anti-dumping measures”, said Mr Eggert.