The European Commission has published definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of stainless steel cold-rolled flat products (SSCR) originating in China and Taiwan (Regulation 2015/1429), a move greeted by EUROFER and described by the European steel industry lobbying organisation as ‘an important move given the long-term implications of the dumping of these products on the EU market’.

The European Commission Implementing Regulation confirms existing provisional measures and imposes definitive anti-dumping duty rates of up to 25.3% on SSCR imports from China, and up to 6.8% on imports from Taiwan. The investigation leading up to these measures was initiated in June 2014 following a complaint submitted by EUROFER (the European Steel Association).

The Commission investigation confirmed that dumped imports from China and Taiwan increased massively between 2010-2013.

Imports from China more than doubled in 2014 compared to the Investigation Period. Imports from the two countries undercut EU producers’ sale prices by more than 10%, while the injury margin was higher, exceeding 20%, according to EUROFER.

EUROFER Director General Axel Eggert said, “China and Taiwan have a structural overcapacity problem, and have been using the openness of the EU market to shed their excess production. This dumping has seriously undermined the profitability of the European stainless steel industry, and has ensured that European producers have not faced a level playing field for their products.”

According to Eggert, “These remedial duties are crucial if the stainless steel industry is to recover from the effects of Chinese and Taiwanese dumping. The industry’s economic sustainability is vital to achieving the EU’s goal of ensuring jobs, growth and investment in Europe.”

EUROFER has called on the European Commission to remain vigilant with regard to any attempts by Chinese and Taiwanese exporters to circumvent or absorb these measures.