The European Steel Association (Eurofer) was founded 1976 and is located in Brussels. It represents 100% of steel production in the European Union (27).

Members are steel companies and national steel federations throughout the EU. The major steel companies and national steel federations in Switzerland and Turkey are associate members.

The European steel industry is an indispensable part of the European supply chain, developing and manufacturing thousands of different, innovative steel solutions. The industry provides the foundation for innovation, durability, CO2 reduction and energy savings in applications as varied and vital as automotive, construction, machinery, household goods, medical devices, and environmental technology. Being 100% recyclable, steel also contributes significantly to the long-term conservation of the fundamental resources for future generations.

The EU’s steel industry is a world leader in its sector with direct employment of 350000 highly skilled people, producing on average 170Mt of steel a year. More than 500 steel production and processing sites in 23 member states of the European Union provide direct and indirect employment and a living for millions of European citizens.

The 2012 Eurofer Annual Report is available as a free downloadable pdf from
Also available is ‘European Steel in Figures 2008-2012’ as a separate pdf download from the same site.