The European Commission’s imposition of anti-dumping duties on Russian, Ukrainian, Iranian and Brazilian steelmakers has not been well-received.

Severstal is coming to terms with duties of EUR17.6/tonne, which is low considering those imposed upon other Russian steelmakers, such as NLMK and MMK.

“The fact that since the period of the investigation HRC import volumes to the EU have remained broadly flat and the price has risen by 60% once again demonstrates that the influence of imports from particular countries on the EU steel industry is minimal. Overall, the global industry climate and the extremely low price levels at the time of the investigation had an equally negative impact on all market players globally. Therefore, we believe the conclusions on dumping drawn by the European Commission were incorrect, and this has been reflected by their decision not to apply a “minimum price”.

Duties for NLMK and MMK are EUR53.3/tonne and EUR96.5/tonne respectively.

According to Severstal the reason it received the lowest duty was because the EU relied upon data provided directly by the steelmaker for its calculations.