A Compact Strip Production (CSP) plant supplied by SMS Siemag, Germany, to the Indian steel manufacturer Essar Steel of Hazira, Gujarat has been put into operation.

The plant went into operation with one casting strand and will be successively extended in the next few months by the second and third strands. The first strip had a final gage of 5.5mm and a width of 1290mm.

It means Essar Steel will have the first three-strand CSP plant worldwide with a 3.5Mt/y capacity of hot strip.

The CSP plant is supplied by a meltshop, also built by SMS Siemag. The X-Melt steelworks with two 200t Conarc furnace units and two twin ladle furnaces is designed for around 5Mt/y.

A conventional continuous slab caster is also supplied from the EAF meltshop.