For many steel grades, controlling non-metallic inclusions is crucial for the smooth running of the production process, and to guarantee targeted steel properties. Indeed, non-metallic micro-inclusions often have a negative impact on steel properties and the smooth running of the production process. The presence of inclusions increases costs due to the resultant de-classification of steel, process interruptions or scrapping. Effective and timely management of critical inclusions offers significant benefits.

For more than 20 years, Thermo Fisher Scientific has been a pioneer in ultra-fast analysis of non-metallic micro-inclusions by spark OES. Today, the Thermo Scientific™ Spark-DAT™ inclusion analysis methods are used by leading steel companies and enjoy growing popularity throughout the steel community.

Real-time control and high throughput

The Thermo Scientific™ ARL iSpark™ high-performance OES Metals Analyzer enables fast assessment of inclusions in steel.

Inclusion analysis can be performed simultaneously with elemental analysis, allowing virtually real-time control of the inclusions for hundreds of samples analyzed every day in steel production and enabling rapid corrective actions to be taken at different stages of the production process.

The unparalleled speed of analysis also provides a unique solution for high-throughput inclusion assessments, when large numbers of samples need to be analyzed quickly, for example in order to solve an urgent quality issue. ARL iSpark can be automated with ARL SMS-2500 system for unattended operation.

The Spark-DAT Software Suite transforms the ARL iSpark into a full metals quality analyzer, able to report broad inclusion data within a few minutes, together with the most reliable bulk metal composition analysis. The Spark-DAT Software Suite includes all the on- and off-line software modules and features needed for inclusion analysis, analytical method development and set-up, as well as in-depth investigation, control and reporting of inclusions. The ARL iSpark with Spark-DAT Software Suite is the perfect solution to prevent cost and quality problems caused by inclusions.

Call to action: Watch our inclusion analysis expert, Jean-Marc Bohlen, presenting our ultra-fast inclusion analysis method followed by a live demonstration.