Bei Tai Iron & Steel has successfully commissioned the duplex RH-TOP plant delivered by SMS Mevac, Germany. Bei Tai Iron & Steel is a company of the Benxi Beijing Iron & Steel Group Co, Ltd, located in Benxi, China.

The RH-TOP plant is designed to treat heats with a nominal weight of 135t. Each treatment position is equipped with a hydraulic ladle lifting system, a metallurgical TOP lance, quick charging of alloying elements, and a vacuum lock system.

The vacuum is achieved using a steam-ejector vacuum pump with variable pressure reduction for optimised process control, which also ensures low consumption of steam and condenser cooling water.

The new unit will mainly be used for the production of flat products.

The scope includes the complete basic engineering, delivery of key components, the complete hardware and software for the process computer as well as supervision of erection and commissioning.