Steel from the German high-grade heavy plate manufacturer Dillinger was used to build the gigantic Boston Flood Barrier protection system recently commissioned in Boston (Lincolnshire), UK.

The commissioning of the Boston Flood Barrier in late autumn 2021 was a major milestone for flood and coastal protection in the city in Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. The centerpiece of the flood system – the barrage – can be raised in as little as 20 minutes to respond to impending tidal surges from the North Sea. It is claimed that this will significantly reduce the flood risk for more than 14,000 homes and 800 businesses in the town of Boston and helps address the impacts of climate change.

The hydraulically operated segmented gate is 29 metres wide, 11 metres high and weighs around 370 tons. It is supported by 5-metre-wide retaining walls. When it is lowered, it rests on the riverbed so that ships can safely pass over it. In the event of expected flooding, two 12-metre hydraulic arms on either side move it into position.

Dillinger steel was chosen for the project because of the special dimensions required and the high demands placed on the lock. Dillinger supplied a total of 470 tons of heavy plate for the flood protection system.

Boston (Lincolnshire) is located on the east coast of the United Kingdom and has always been affected by floods. More than 800 buildings and 55 streets were flooded during the most recent flood in December 2013. The Boston Barrier project is part of a long-term government investment in flood and coastal protection that will provide Boston with one of the best flood protection standards outside London when it is fully completed later this year.