Serbian steelmaker Metalfer has contracted Italian plant builder and production technology specialist Danieli to develop a strategic scrap recycling project that will process up to 260kt/yr of shredded scrap at the company’s minimill in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia. Operations will commence by end 2023.

The new Danieli Centro Recycling plant consists of a heavy-duty steel belt conveyor feeding a 2,500 horse power shredder powered by a Danieli-patented inverter drive guaranteeing lower operational costs due to energy consumption savings of around 15%.

A downstream line featuring air and magnetic separation will ensure a high level of scrap cleanliness and the consequent removal of non-ferrous material. To recover precious non-ferrous metals, the plant incorporates a flexible inline-offline non-ferrous reclamation plant designed to recover high-purity zorba.

Scrap recycling facilities, says Danieli, are tangible assets for electric steelmakers as they enable them to become less dependent on the market and instead benefit economically from direct production, preparing scrap on-site and saving on operational expenses (OPEX).

According to Danieli, the use of well-sorted and, therefore, much cleaner input materials leads to lower lime consumption and, therefore, lower slag processing and handling. According to Danieli, the use of scrap increases the charge density, which may reduce the number of charged buckets, thus improving productivity.

The system to be employed by the Metalfer minimill will mean higher quality shredded scrap. The separation of all non-ferrous metals, says Danieli, will mean additional income and higher quality tapped steel.