Danieli FATA Hunter has been awarded a contract from USA-based Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) to supply a cleaning section as part of a larger upgrade project on an existing galvanising line at SDI's Butler facility. The cleaning section is scheduled to be delivered in January 2017 with immediate installation and performance testing. This upgrade will allow the line to process a larger variety of substrates and allow SDI to maintain its market leadership in the supply of high quality metallic coated steel.

The new cleaning section will process cold-rolled steel sheet with a maximum width of 64in and a maximum base metal thickness of 0.165in at a maximum speed of 450 fpm.

According to Danieli Fata Hunter, the equipment includes 'the latest technology for change on the fly brush rolls and squeegee rolls, and incorporates features for future additional waste heat recovery capacity'.

Danieli FATA Hunter is a leading 'single source' supplier of complete processing lines, revamps, and engineering services for the steel and aluminium industries.