A new ‘finishing end’ will be added to ArcelorMittal Long Products’ existing rolling mill in Canada, courtesy of Danieli Automation.

The new equipment consists of a water-forced cooling system and lining–up rollers to be implemented in the existing cooling bed in the existing cooler bed, cooling bed exit table with automatic prep system, 10-roll multi-strand straightener, 1100 sht cold shear and an 80’ long automatic single head magnetic stacker to eliminate short bars, maximise plant efficiency, material yield and final product quality.

The new equipment has been installed for two reasons: one, to increase capacity; and two, to enable the plant to produce new added value products.

According to Danieli, products will be straightened, cut to a final commercial length from 14’ to 62’ and processed by the stacker in up to 5 sht bundles at a maximum rate of 125 tonnes/hr.

All electric motors and automation systems – designed for optimal plant management – will be supplied by Danieli Automation and plant start-up is expected to be March 2017.