The Committee to Support US Trade Laws (CSUSTL) has announced that it ‘deeply appreciates’ President Donald Trump’s commitment to strict enforcement of trade remedy laws.

From prompt initiation of new cases to the critical task of collecting remedial duties if the dumping or subsidies continue, the organisation, headed by president Thomas M Sneeringer, is more than happy with the US president’s strongly protectionist stance.

Sneeringer commented, “A favourite device is to set up importing offices that simply disappear before tariffs reflecting the true level of dumping and subsidisation can calculated and charged.”

He said that Customs and Border Protection has been working hard to improve collections but too often finds that the importer of record has ‘gone out of business’ or adopted a new identity. “The Administration is sharply focused on finding new tools and protections to stop these scofflaws from acting with impunity and we appreciate it,” Sneeringer added.

Sneeringer said that American producers are forced to invest heavily in securing remedies against unfair trade and have to suffer injury for too long, and allocate precious resources too steeply, only to have the effect of a hard-won order negated through further cheating. “Popular support for free but fair trade has eroded and nothing contributes to that more certainly than the fear that remedial duties can be effectively evaded,” he said.