Russian steelmaker Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) claims that 100 million cubic metres of industrial gases, including oxygen, nitrogen and argon, were produced in a new cryogenic air separation unit installed at the company's oxygen plant last July.

The multi-billion ruble unit generates 35,000 m3/hr of gaseous oxygen, 30,000 m3/hr of gaseous nitrogen, 600m3/hour of gaseous argon, as well as some liquid output.

The unit is based on a modern cycle with internal compression of air separation products, which allows gas processing under the required pressure without the use of additional compressors. Such technology, claims MMK, means the equipment is safer and more reliable.

"We have a long-standing partnership with Cryogenmash. The company designs and develops cryogenic air separation units that meet all our industrial gases needs," said Pavel Shilyaev, CEO of MMK.

The Cryogenmash unit was the largest air separation unit built based on the technology employed and meets the highest global standards. "We are proud, that MMK has chosen to work with us, the Russian manufacturer of cryogenic equipment, to construct a unique air separation unit", said Maria Sokolova, CEO of Cryogenmash.