Commercial Metals Company (CMC) one of the largest producers of rebar in the USA, has awarded an EAF revamp project to the German company Badische Stahlwerke Engineering (BSE).

CMC’s nine melting locations, including one in Poland, are all electric arc furnace (EAF) installations and produce over 5Mt of finished long steel products.

After projects on furnace revamps at CMC Steel South Carolina in 2010 and in Poland in 2015, Badische Stahl-Engineering (BSE) says it is looking forward to another successful project.

The company claims it will provide the latest innovative key technologies and that the total scope for the new 130 short-ton EAF includes a full package of the latest EAF technologies, such as:

  • State-of-the-art hydraulic system that will be equipped with the maintenance. free ‘mast positioning system’ that has been installed at BSW for many years.*
  • Lower and upper shells with roof and elbow.
  • The gantry design, already operating successfully in Poland, enables CMC Steel Texas to increase the furnace volume, which will lead to more flexibility for scrap and, therefore, better operating times and savings. The gantry also allows for an independent gantry swing, while the roof can remain on the shell.
  • Electrical infrastructure will be replaced: The balance of the furnace was calculated and designed on the basis of the finite network method (FNM). The hardware comprises a new transformer wall HC System along with copper-steel arms.

Start-up is planned for late 2022.

* Badische Stahlwerke (BSW) operates two EAFs in Kehl (Germany) and produces over 2Mt/yr of steel.