Chinese steelmaker Daye Special Steel Co, part of the Chinese CITIC Pacific Steel Group, is to install a medium section mill at its plant in Huangshi in the South Eastern region of Hubei province, 150km South West of Wuhan. The company has purchased a 3-roll reducing and sizing block (RSB) from the German manufacturer Friedrich Kocks of Hilden, Germany. The block is equipped with four stand positions and is designed for controlled rolling at low temperatures.

The decision in favour of Friedrich Kocks machinery, claims the German equipment manufacturer, was heavily influenced by the performance and trouble-free operation of the RSB in Daye’s already existing speciality bar mill.

The heavy duty reducing and sizing block is equipped with four stand positions and is designed for controlled rolling at low temperatures. "With a nominal roll diameter of 500mm this is so far the biggest 3-roll RSB, claims Friedrich Kocks.

"It will be operated as a finishing block in the 900kt/yr medium section mill downstream of a 16-stand 2-high roughing and intermediate mill. The RSB rolls round bar in special bar qualities within the range of 50.0 mm Ø to 130.0 mm Ø in straight lengths onto the cooling bed.

Kocks says that the RSB allows rolling out of only one pass series from the roughing and intermediate mill and thus significantly reduces the number of required feeders down to five. It can produce any desired finished dimension of the complete dimensional range in any desired sequence with a minimum number of roll sets and just a few stand changes, claims the company.

The scope of supply comprises the 3-roll reducing and sizing block with an automatic quick stand changing system, the roll shop with quick roll change, the BAMICON mill configuration program, an inline remote-controlled pass and guide adjustment and CAPAS, a computer-aided system for accurate adjustment of the rolls and guides of the 3-roll stands in the roll shop. Erection, commissioning and training are handled by Friedrich Kocks.

The start-up of the new medium section mill will enable Daye Special Steel Co to achieve its objective of becoming the most competitive future-oriented special steel company in their market, says Kocks.

Daye Special Steel’s predecessor – Daye Iron & Steel – was one of the oldest steel companies in China. Today it is one of the largest special steel producers in the country with products widely recognised and accepted by both domestic and international companies and used in nearly all fields of application, according to Kocks.