Steelmakers monitored by the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) have reported an increase in daily crude steel output and stocks between 11-20 June when compared with the previous 10-day period (1-10 June).

CISA monitors 150 steel mills and comparing the two 10-day periods it found that crude steel output was up 1.92%; pig iron was up 1.18%; steel products were up 2.44%; and coke production was up 2.95%.

During the period 11-20 June, crude steel output totalled 17.5Mt (a daily output of 1.75Mt). This figure was up by 20.5kt on the period 1-10 June.

With pig iron, the output figure for the 11-20 June period was 17.4Mt (a daily output of 1.74Mt) and up by 32.8kt on the period 1-10 June.

Where steel products were concerned, the output figure for the period 11-20 June was 16.9Mt based on a daily output of 1.69Mt and up 40.3kt on the 1-10 June period.

Source: China Metals.