China’s steel industry expressed its resentment of the European Union’s decision to launch an anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese organic-coated steel exports, an official with the Ministry of Commerce said Feb 23.

The EU had already launched an anti-dumping investigation into the exports in December. “Launching two probes on Chinese organic-coated steel exports may lead to a double remedy that violates the rules of the World Trade Organization,” the official said, adding that the ministry will closely follow the development of the case.

All countries should unite to cope with the current economic uncertainties, as the world economy has yet to shake off the aftermath of the financial crisis and some European countries remain mired in debt crises, the official continued. “Launching an anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese exports will send the wrong signal on trade protectionism, which will not only cast a shadow on Sino-EU steel trade, but also hamper their joint efforts to cope with the crises.”

Source: China Metals e-mail