A crop shear upgrade for California Steel Industries LLC will provide improved capability to cut thicker, high-strength material to be used at CSI’s new electric resistance welded pipe mill.

Supplied by New Metal Engineering, a joint venture company between IHI Inc and Enprotech Industrial Technologies, the crop sheer is of the IHI drum type design and will be manufacture at New Metal Engineering’s facility at Lansing, MI, USA.

Presently, 23 IHI Crop Shears of this design are in use in Hot Strip Mills around the world. The advanced design exceeds industry standards in cutting performance, equipment durability, control reliability, and lower cost of maintenance. Superior functionality results in energy savings and reduced yield loss. The crop shear is equipped with two sets of curved knives, not only to minimize crop loss, but also to enable a smoother roll bite in the finishing stands.

New Metal Engineering was established in 2009 as a joint venture between IHI Inc. and Enprotech Industrial Technologies to provide equipment solutions for the North American metals industry.

The project is scheduled to be commissioned in December 2013.