Beijing steel mills plan to cut production by 30% for the sake of air quality during a parade (on 3 September) to commemorate the end of the Second World War.

Proof, if any was needed, that China is not a market economy, can be found in the fact that steel mills in Handan, Anshan, Tangshan, Anyang, Taiyuan and Changzhi have all been ordered to cut production.

From late September until early October, steel mills within 100km of Beijing will have to suspend production. Those between 100 and 200km from the capital will slash production by 50% and mills over 200km from the city will be required to slash production by 30%.

Shougang Jingtang, a steelmaker in Northern China, intends to overhaul a 5,500 cubic metre high furnace for one week commencing 28 August, according to

Source: China Metals.