Tangshan government officials have announced that authorities in China have punished supervisors from four companies located in the top steelmaking city of Tangshan, citing court documents.

47 senior executives working for the companies have been given prison sentences ranging from six to 18 months after they were found guilty of tampering with monitoring devices controlling emissions.

The interference allowed the companies to release large quantities of pollutants back in March 2021, according to the Tangshan municipal government’s statement. Two of the companies caught circumventing the emissions restrictions, Tangshan Songting and Hebei Xinda, were also fined four million yuan to seven million yuan ($628,000 to $1.1 million).

The sentences and heavy fines come amid Beijing’s campaign to make its economy greener, and achieve carbon goals outlined by the central government. Steel producers appear to be among the prime offenders, according to a report made by RT News, as they are repeatedly caught flouting the emissions caps.

In 2021, four Tangshan steel making companies were caught failing to comply with production cuts introduced to limit heavy pollution. One of the offending companies, Tangshan Jinma Steel Group, was also involved in the latest scandal.

Source: RT News