ArcelorMittal Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has made good progress in the implementation of a number of large environmental projects, with a total investment of more than US$14.5M.

Three projects, which began in 2012, are currently being implemented in the blast furnace and sinter plant, with the aim of reducing emissions from these units and decreasing the impact on the surrounding environment. At the coke plant, assembly of the new charging machine is due to start soon.

The cast house de-dusting system being installed in the blast furnace started in June and is on track. The new system will ensure complete de-dusting of the solid particles during the tapping of hot metal, which will significantly reduce emissions and improve working conditions in the unit.

Two large projects are also underway in the sinter plant. The first is the replacement of the existing water de-dusting systems with new bag filters, used in the reloading and transportation of sinter and lime. The other project being implemented in this department is the replacement of all four sections in the sinter machine no. 4 precipitator, to reduce emissions.

Meanwhile, procurement of a new charging machine is underway in the coke plant. This will significantly reduce the emission of solid particles from this facility and the duration of the emissions, creating much better working conditions for around 150 employees working in this area.