ArcelorMittal USA has published its 2019 United States Integrated Report, highlighting the company's corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.

According to ArcelorMittal USA, the report reinforces the company's commitment to transparency and directly connects the company's 10 sustainable development outcomes with its business objectives and financial drivers.

ArcelorMittal USA's are focused on people, products, infrastructure, resources, air, land and water, energy, supply chain, community, scientists and engineers and impact measurement.

Where people are concerned, the company highlights its 14 US-based facilities and how each one has maintained its OHSAS 18001 and ISO certification. The company claims that 18 safety audits were conducted in the US to evaluate compliance with OSHA regulations and company standards. There were also 5,000 wellness/preventive examinations or biometric screenings for the company's workforce.

Where products are concerned, ArcelorMittal USA's Global R&D division launched 31 new products designed to support sustainable construction, infrastructure and energy generation and initiated (globally) 17 R&D programmes related to sustainable infrastructure.

In terms of making efficient use of resources and high recycling rates, ArcelorMittal USA claims that 32% of each ton of steel produced by the company is from recycled scrap steel and that for every ton of steel recycled, 2,500lbs of iron ore and 1,400lb of coal are conserved, not to mention 120lbs of limestone.

ArcelorMittal claims that it maintained ISO 14001 certification for all of its US steelmaking facilities and that through community initiatives, an additional 24,000 students received environmental education programming. It also invested a staggering US$174 million in the Sustain Our Great Lakes conservation and restoration programme, a public/private partnership that has been helping the Great Lakes Basin since 2006.

In terms of energy usage, ArcelorMittal USA claims that 59% of total electrical energy used in steel production at its integrated facilities was self-generated and that 27 implemented energy projects saved more than US$19.8 million, or the equivalent of powering 14,000 homes for one year.

ArcelorMittal USA spent US$6.4 billion on its supply chain and US$248 million with minority, women and veteran enterprises. The company awarded over US$6.5 million in grants and matching donations in the US to non-profit partners working in the community.

Where future investment in scientists and engineers for tomorrow's steel industry, ArcelorMittal USA claims it spent 41% of its grant making budget on STEM programming and committed more than US$878,000 for tuition reimbursement for undergraduate and graduate programmes for its US employees.

With the publication of its 11th report, ArcelorMittal USA has been reporting on its sustainability achievements for the past 11 years.