Constantine in North Eastern Algeria is often referred to as the ‘city of bridges’. Soon it will have a viaduct too and ArcelorMittal will be providing 18kt of rebar to build the foundations.

The viaduct, known as the Trans-Rhumel, will use steel produced at ArcelorMittal’s Annaba facility in Algeria.

So far, around 14.8kt has been delivered and the viaduct is due for completion in March by Andrade Gutierrez, a Brazilian construction and engineering company.

The Trans-Rhumel stretches 1.119m, stands 80m above sea level and will be supported by two 130m-high pillars. It will have two lanes spanning 37m.

Special foundations are required for the viaduct due to potential soil erosion problems and there are also issues with high winds and possible earthquakes.

Constantine is Algeria’s third largest city after Algiers and Oran and has a population of 448,374.