ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaker, has given $45,000 to the US-based Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) to support its Climate Action Works initiative, which is claimed to be corporate-driven, community-minded and biodiversity-based.

WHC plans to use the money to build a framework 'that engages corporate landowners in leveraging their lands for climate mitigation and adaptation strategies that promote community resilience and ecosystem health'. Such a strategy is claimed to support ArcelorMittal's stated objectives of increasing environmental sustainability and creating more sustainable communities.

According to the WHC, the grant will allow the organisation to convene a wide variety of stakeholders to identify obstacles and opportunities for climate-smart conservation on private sector land.

"The goal is to increase awareness by business of the potential for natural climate solutions and identify a set of ecological stewardship options for diverse corporate lands," the WHC said.

It is hoped that more companies will be inspired to take action on their lands that meet their climate mitigation and adaptation goals.

Margaret O'Gorman, president of the WHC, added: "Our Climate Action Works initiative aims to highlight these opportunities and help companies take action in communities where they operate and where their employees live and work."