April 2015’s world crude steel production amounted to 135Mt, down 1.7% when compared to April last year.

The figures, from the 65 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) also show that the crude steel capacity utilisation rate for April 2015 was 72.5%, 3.2 percentage points lower than in April 2014 but 0.9 percentage points higher than March 2015.

China produced 68.9Mt of crude steel, down 0.7% on last year, and Japan produced 8.4Mt, down 6.1%. India’s figure of 7.4Mt was up 2.1% while South Korea dipped 6.6% to 5.8Mt.

In the European Union, Germany’s April 2015 figure was down 1.9% at 3.6Mt, Italy produced 1.9Mt, down 8.5% and Spain was up 6.4% at 1.3Mt. Crude steel production in France was down 9.9% at 1.3Mt while in Turkey the figure was up 3.9% at 2.8Mt.

Russia produced 6.1 Mt of crude steel in April 2015, up 3.2% over April last year, while Ukraine produced 1.9Mt, down 24.9% on last year’s figure.

In the USA, crude steel production for April was down 9.8% at 6.5Mt. Brazilian crude production for April stood at 2.9Mt, up 4.4% on April 2014’s figure.