AMI Automation, an international automation and control solutions company based in Mexico, has supplied the DigitARC® PX3 ERS for Ladle Furnace to Switzerland-based steel producer, Stahl Gerlafingen.

After the decision taken by Stahl Gerlafingen to upgrade its Electrode Regulation System as part of its secondary steelmaking process, AMI supplied the DigitARC® PX3 ERS which was delivered in May 2022, with all onsite commissioning work finished in mid-2022.

Startup was carried out within the shortest possible time to minimize production downtime.

Stahl Gerlafingen, as a part of the Beltrame Group specializes in the supply of products for the construction, automotive, energy and heavy industries. Their 80 ton 11 MVA Ladle Furnace was updated with the objective to reduce electrode consumption, increase the heating rate and decrease ladle refractory wear.

The transition from Z to I-Z regulation control took place as part of the improvements done in the regulation system, looking for better arc stability and reducing electrode consumption by giving the right amount of energy to the steel being produced.

The interface includes a set of diagnostic tools and configurable screens to control almost every aspect of the furnace. This, claims AMI, allows customers to standardize the operation process.